By appointment or chance...

I’ve been a little MIA this past 9 months doing a masters of jazz at The Guildhall School of Music and Drama. It’s been rather intense studying full time and maintaining a full time career, but here we are at the end of the tunnel and I am excited as ever to have my life back and time again to pour into creative projects. 

The day after my final, which consumed me totally for a good many months of preparation, I drove down to Twyford, Hampshire to record a very special folk album with three of the most inspiring artists, musicians and friends: Miranda Mulholland, Joseph Phillips and Tali Trow. 

It’s a rare treat to be so a part of the creative process and to have the time to build arrangements and explore ideas in a studio. The album was recorded live. It is pure, honest, raw and captures a magic that you don’t hear so often these days with all the multi tracking, auto tune, heavy production that has so become the norm. Tali is mixing it as we speak, and then to master, but if the raw studio recordings are anything to go by, we’ve got something special on our hands. 

We spent four long days pouring our hearts into the studio, with intermitted country walks, gourmet dinners (everyone took turns cooking up a storm!), wine and dinner table sing alongs. 

The Guildhall has been incredible, but it also, by it’s very nature, diverts the focus away from what is real about making music. 9 months playing for the approval of the jazz police can really get you down. All it took was four days working openly and fearlessly with three beautiful people to fill my heart with the love of music again and get me right back on track. 

Thank you Miranda, Mighty Joe Phillips and Tali. I love you and will remember our sojourn in Twyford forever. x

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