The Stories.

People have been hassling me to write a blog. I’m good at collecting stories, at stumbling into them, at living them. Let’s see if I can share them. 

I’m a gigging musician based in London. I play most nights at some place or other.  Usually very expensive, well-to-do places - sometimes tiny hole in the wall bars. I prefer these gigs. I’m less likely to get fired for inciting gaiety and good times in a pub. Most of all I prefer playing concerts of my own music where people come to listen and experience and connect. I get to do this fairly regularly. I’m working on doing it all the time.

Still! The perks of being a musical wallflower as it were, are many: the scrumptious snippets of overheard conversations; the chance to observe social games being played, noticing both the masks people create for themselves and catching glimpses of the true characters underneath. There are those that come to be seen, those that come to disappear, some come out of loneliness, and sometimes people even come to listen to the music! For an infinite number of reasons people gather together in bars and clubs and I see them all, hidden in plain sight.

Music is magic.  It weaves through the air and draws people in. It melts away all the superficial things like race and gender and wealth and religion and leaves you human. Sometimes people don’t even realise that it’s happening to them, but everyone is transformed by music in some way or other. I sing my soul every night and in return people give me glimpses of theirs. I’m paid in sterling, but also in stories and connections. 

So, here begins that blog you all asked for. Here are the stories.

 Tara x